Dos Equis Amber Beer Review

Date May 7, 2008

Dos Equis Amber Mexican Beer ReviewSo its almost Ocho de Mayo (I forgot how 7 is said in Spanish) and I’m still trying to finish all of the Mexican beers that The Brew Club exchanged last week for the Cinco de Mayo beer reviews!

I think its better actually to slow down the beer reviewing schedule. Its hard to write something useful and coherent after drinking some of this stuff!

Today’s Mexican beer review is Dos Equis Amber.

I’ve actually never tried anything from Dos XX, the Lager is still on deck for sometime in the future! This beer comes in a brown glass bottle, and as the label suggests, the beer is a nice amber color. Pouring the Dos XX Amber into my official testing-glass, I found that the Dos Equis Amber generated quite a bit of “bubbling-action” (my technical term) – more than the other Mexican beers I’ve recently sampled. Maybe this would be the Champagne of Mexican beers?Dos XX Beer Review

Not to be un-disappointed, the Dos XX Amber didn’t really have much of a distinctive smell in the glass, kinda plain actually and certainly nothing to write home about.  The taste was equally unremarkable. It tasted OK, but again very much average.

It was a little sharp on the tongue at first, and then the flavor quickly mellowed and then – nothing. The Dos XX Amber didn’t leave a weird feel or anything in my mouth, I’m not banging it like that at all – it just didn’t impress me.

Dos Equis amber really didn’t push any buttons for me. In the future, I might order it at a restaurant if there was nothing else, and someone was buying for me!

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

OK, so here’s a little update! I’ve found that this beer is a good match with Tex-Mex food (duh). Dos XX is served at both of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and its usually what I go with. STILL, I think an American Pale Ale or even an IPA would go better!

12 Responses to “Dos Equis Amber Beer Review”

  1. matt said:

    to really enjoy either dos XX lager or the amber version you need to get a lime wedge and squeeze it in the beer beforehand. Try that…its really how its meant to be prepared.

    I love Dos XX Lager and Amber, but only with the lime wedge squeezed in. Without it they are not anything to really talk about. Make sure its a fresh lime wedge and not any store bought juice.

  2. Brenda said:

    I love the Dos XX Amber with lime squeezed in it! I drink Bud Select also, but I like this one too!

  3. TioChris said:

    I actually find Dos XX amber with a good shot of lime to be really good. It goes well with Latin food. One of my favorite drinks.

  4. Scott-TheBrewClub said:

    I had this recently with some Mexican food and I’d agree it goes better with food than it was by itself!
    .-= Scott-TheBrewClub´s last blog ..Home Brew Kits – The Final Review =-.

  5. cali-mike said:

    wow! horrible review! you really dont know a good beer when it slaps you in the face?
    try reading a real review like one you find on this beer is far superior
    then any budweiser product and is one of mexicos best beers. also adding lime to this beer
    absolutely ruins it.

  6. Scott-TheBrewClub said:

    @cali-mike, I’ll agree, this was a horrible review! Looking back, it was one of my first so I hope you’ll forgive me (got to start someplace, right?)

    Of course, taste varies from person to person and I think its cool if you believe Dos XX Amber to be a great beer, but if you’re comparing it to Budweiser then almost anything is really.

    Not for nothing, but since we’ve started The Brew Club, I’ve probably tried 300 different beers from all over the world, and I sort of know a good beer when I’ve had one.
    .-= Scott-TheBrewClub´s last blog ..Sierra Nevada Kellerweis =-.

  7. Prospector said:

    XX is a good beer got introduced to at the all inclusive resort stayed at 2000 Cancun Mex. Good tasting beer. Plowed under bar couple times while there. Buy it at local store 10 years later =).

    “Stay thirsty my friends”

  8. rick said:

    i have tried your amber beer to is great!! but! than are you going to try a n/a amber beer is would be great if dos equis was the 1st mexican beer to have a n/a beer!

  9. Thomas (the beer snob) said:

    Ok, though I don’t buy Dos Equis Amber as often as I used to I still consider it a good beer. Its the mildest amber brew I’ve ever tasted (a mildness typical of Mexican beer I suppose). I never thought of throwing a lime in anything but a Corona Extra (or a Land Shark), but after patronizing a Mexican restaurant that had both Dos Equis styles on tap they kindly garnished my glass with a lime, so I dumped it into the beer and liked it! Though my taste buds have been spoiled by expensive Belgian/Belgian style beers with corks at the top of the bottles I won’t hesitate, when I’m eating Mexican food, to order a Dos Equis Amber!

  10. Thomas (the beer snob) said:

    Stay thirsty my friends. lol

  11. Scott-TheBrewClub said:

    @Thomas – When I’m @ my favorite Tex-Mex place, this is what I order as well. Given the choice though, I think a nice American Pale Ale goes better with Mexican food. Or Indian for that matter!

    Stay thirsty, indeed!

  12. tiacalhoun73 said:

    Love corona but dos equis xx lager special is my no# 2 fave beer

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