Help Save our Cat’s Life and Limb

February, 2012

Meow and Miranda

Meow is a part of our family.  He’s our cat, and he’s got Osteosarcoma – a malignant tumor of the bone.

We got Meow about 8 years ago from our Vet, an abandoned cat looking for a new home.  The first time we met him, we fell in love with his gentle nature and knew we had to take him home with us.  Fast-forward to 2012, and our wonderful companion has been diagnosed with a bone tumor on his upper leg.  Its called osteo-sarcoma, and if we don’t treat it soon this tumor will take his life.

The Good News – Its treatable!

At this point, the tumor seems to be very localized,  and if treated soon, there’s a really good chance that Meow’s life can be saved.  Of course, nobody can predict how many years we’ll get, but if left untreated it is certain death.

The Bad News – Amputation is the cure.

The Veterinarians all tell us that cats with this type of tumor do very well recovering from it, although the cure seems almost as bad as the disease.  Obviously, there will be a lot of discomfort, and Meow would have to learn how to get around on three legs.  This is very upsetting to my Wife and I, but scanning You-Tube for videos of three-legged cats, it seems indeed they are resilient little guys and eventually make do on three legs.  But still.

But there’s another option!  (And this is where you come in!)

While the thought of amputating Meow’s leg is stressful, it does ‘cure’ him of his disease.  The price seems fairly high though, and we’re still uncomfortable with the idea of having to mutilate our beloved cat – even though we know it will save his life.  However, we’ve learned that we are lucky enough to live very close to one of only three facilities in the United States that uses a new radiation treatment that could eliminate the tumor, AND save his leg!  (Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Yonkers, NY)

Its a procedure called ‘Radio Surgery’ using a machine called a ‘Cyber Knife’, which had been previously used only on humans.  The success rate, according to the information available, is equivalent to that of amputation, but obviously, the leg is not lost.  We’re excited about this option, and the Vets think Meow is a good candidate considering he’s in otherwise good health, and so far, the tumor has not spread.

Meow is the handsome one on the left!

Meow is the handsome one on the left!

But wow is it expensive.

Doing nothing is NOT an option.  Amputation runs about $2,000-$5,000, which ain’t cheap, but this Radio Surgery using this Cyber Knife thing runs about $8,000 to $10,000.  Yup.  When I tell people this, many suggest euthanasia because is seems ‘silly’ to spend that type of money on a cat.  Well, this isn’t ‘just a cat’ to us.  He’s Meow, and he’s a part of the family, and he’s got a really good shot at beating this tumor without losing his leg or his life.

The problem is, we could use a little help raising some money to get it done.

I feel terrible asking, but if it means the difference between saving his leg and not, then I’ll do it.  Either way, we’re getting it taken care of.

Arrow - Hand Drawn MaroonSo, if you are a cat-lover, animal-lover, or just want to help a family out, won’t you please consider donating a buck or two via Pay-Pal?  If you click on the Pay Pal link below, you’ll find there is no suggested donation amount.  Donate what you can, donate what you want.  If you can’t, that’s cool too.

I know there are more serious things in the world to worry about than my cat’s leg, but if we can get Meow fixed and let him keep all of his parts, that would mean an awful lot to us all.  We only have a week or so to decide and get him treated before the tumor spreads, but the bills will be with us for some time!

Any little bit helps.  Thanks for listening.

Scott (The Brew Club), Diana, Miranda, and Meow.