Sad farewells

Date September 20, 2018

I was saddened to read today that Dave Bailey has decided to wind up the Hardknott brewery.

With Dave Bailey of Hardknott Brewery

Dave writes (here) that he believes that there are now too many breweries in the UK – around 2,000 – and that many of those are not financially viable.

It’s a great shame, Hardknott brewed some epic beers, and had managed to get shelf space in some major supermarkets but, like Tom Newman’s ‘Celt Experience’, they’re now joining the ranks of great breweries that fell by the wayside.

And on another sad note, following my post a few months ago, I returned from vacation last week to find a cheque from Wilderness Brewing, returning what was left of my crowdfunding investment.

Inevitably, it’ll cost me more to bank it than it’s worth, but thanks guys.  

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